A Third Home Ownership Success Story

During the last 6 to 7 years, we have been trying to purchase a home with Habitat for Humanity.  We have been working with them because it would be affordable for us and have no interest.  This is the only program we had ever heard of that would offer the loan with no interest, which we were looking for because of our faith.  We have worked very hard to maintain good credit. 

One day my wife came home talking about Three Rivers Community Action’s programs that a friend of hers at work had mentioned to her.  Her friend told her that a friend of a friend had just purchased a nice home with their programs and that she should give Three Rivers a call. We learned about the MURL program and its great benefits and got started with the process.  We started to feel that perhaps our dream of owning our own home was going to be possible.   My wife and I both work very hard and were very happy when we were told that the house was going to be awarded to us!  It was an exciting day for all of us…finally being able to own our very own home!!

It’s important to understand the importance of owning your home and the responsibilities that come with it.  For us it was important to purchase a home for our children’s future needs, we wanted to make sure they grow up healthy and safe!

We have a large family of 9, 7 children and my wife and I.  Buying a home has been a huge priority for us, it meant security and safety for my children!  We knew that living in an apartment was not a good place to raise our family.  So this opportunity to purchase our home was a new beginning for our family. We love our home, it is large enough for our big family and the kitchen is awesome.  We now have lots of room for the children and we have our very own beautiful backyard.  We are learning how to care for our home, the appliances, furnace filters, maintain the yard, trim trees and other things that come with owning our home.

If you could advise others, what are three important things to do before or during the process of the purchase of your home?

1. Learn more about the programs that the community has to offer. Be aware of government programs that will make your home more affordable.  We were very lucky that a friend told us about MURL program!!

2. Home Owner Education class….we took an 8 hour class….it was a great class to learn about the process of your purchase. We both chose to take the class because we both needed to learn as much as possible about homeownership!  We didn’t use a realtor or lender with this program but it is important to know about the loan process and how the realtor can help you purchase your home.  It was also important to learn the importance of the home inspection too.

3. It is also very important to learn about the neighborhood. We were lucky that this home was in a very good neighborhood.  It is important to learn about the community, schools and parks around your area.

We are very happy with our beautiful home…..the children are so happy!!  Everyone is settling into their own rooms and feeling very lucky that we now own our home. Thank you very much for all Three Rivers Community Action did to help us accomplish this dream.