Margarita Ruiz’s Success Story

My name is Margarita Ruiz and I would like to share my home buying experience with you. Like many other families, it was my dream to own my own house, little, big, new, or old, but mine. As in any family, the dream of owning your home is huge!

We rented for many years while my children were young, and finally about 5 years ago we decided to buy a home on a “Contract for Deed” basis, but that didn’t work out. Because my knowledge about housing was very limited, we quickly learned all the headaches that come with it. In the house we were renting, there were so many maintenance problems, like the bad mold in the basement, or the fact that we had to make announcements to take showers so nobody else would run the water, otherwise there would be no water to shower. So the dream of owning our own “safe and pretty” home was very important to us!  I know it was important for me to provide a safe roof over my children’s heads and I was committed to do it.

In the beginning it was very difficult to clear my credit.  I took the “Home Stretch” class and the teacher gave me hope. In Home Stretch, I was able to learn many things about how to buy a house, types of mortgages, interest, inspections, credit and many others facts in related to purchasing a house. I discovered that we needed to work on fixing the credit no matter what, so I started to work on it, and little by little I was able to fix it!  I went and got a “Secured Credit Card” and that helped my credit a lot. It was 588 when I started, and in 7 months it was 625, so that was very encouraging to see.  After that, I went to see a lender and I couldn’t believe it when they approved my loan, it was so exciting. I was able to use the Three Rivers’ down payment assistance program, which was a huge help. It was amazing to have received this assistance when we needed the most.  Buying this home meant so much for me and my family; it’s a great investment plus a perfect place to live!  We just love it and we’re very proud of it. It really made us feel part of the community and we are working hard to make sure our home looks beautiful. 

The first thing we did when we moved into our home was to enjoy nice long bath/showers without taking turns to run the water since that was pretty much impossible in the house we were renting.  Our home has a nice kitchen, family room and a great room with a pool table in the basement plus 4 comfortable bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, one ½ bath and office, plus a really nice backyard with lots of large trees! I have been working on landscaping and putting in a fence.  I have been building the fence by myself; I actually cut and measured every board. It’s a great feeling owning your own home and investing in it.