Colon Success Story

Talk about your experience when buying your house. What made you want to buy home?

Hello, we are the Colon family. I’m Damian, this is my wife Maria, and our two boys. We are from Puerto Rico, and have been living in several different states in U. S. We moved to Minnesota about 3 years ago, hoping to find a good job here. Thanks to God, I was able to find a job full time and a new adventure, hoping to stay in this area for good to raise my children.

My wife and I were tired of moving from place to place and sharing spaces with other relatives and friends. We made the big decision to purchase a house. That was our dream! With two kids, our apartment was too cramped and we were in the need of a bigger place for all of us. One thing we considerered was taking care of our credit. We heard from others that was one of the requirements to obtain a mortgage, so we made sure to pay our monthly rent payments, utilities, and insurance on time. Another thing that we took into consideration was that it was a good idea to purchase our house with the idea of investing in our future.  We realized that time flies by fast and we are not going to stay young forever, so this was a good time to do it.

What did buying a home meant to your family?

To buy our house is a triumph for us over all the obstacles we went through, because at the beginning of the process we were a little frustrated with all the requirements. With the assistance of the Achieve program officer, realtor, and mortgage officer, the transaction was easier. Once we got the pre-approval letter in our hands, we called a realtor and scheduled an appointment to go “shopping” for our house. Can you imagine going house hunting in the middle of winter with heavy snow and temperatures below zero, but who cares, we were so happy about it.

 Our realtor was very flexible, she was fleible, adjusting to our work and school schedules. We visited a listing at 8 pm, when its dark in Minnesota during the winter time. After looking and looking, we finally found the right house, it had everything what we been looking for! Three bedrooms on the same floor, and big enough for all of us.  After that, the process to make an offer was also easier with the help of our realtor, she guided us to understand the legal procedures for a real estate transaction.

Tell us about your home.

To wait a month to close on our house was agony, we were too anxious to wait for the closing date. In the mean time, we stared packing our things to make the wait easier, and drove by “our future house” often just to see it. Our house is a single family house with three bedrooms, two baths, finished basement and an office den. It is located on a busier street, but we like traffic. Another thing that we like about this house is that it is close to the children’s school, that was an advantage.

Now that is summer we get meet our neighbors have the opportunity to get to know each other and became friends. Some of our neighbors even stop by to welcome us into the neighborhood. To finish why we like this house let me tell you in one sentence……… Our house is just perfect for us!!!

What was the first thing you and your family did when you moved into your home?

The first thing we did after we moved in was thank God for our home. Our kids went straight to play and explore the house and backyard. We had a good celebration to share with friends who helped us move in. We were very grateful for our realtor who was able to help us find a home that we could just move-in ….that was very helpful.

If you could advise others, what are three important things to do before or during the process of their purchase of their home?

Our advice to others is to get information from agencies, bankers, and housing programs because it’s worth it. It is not easy, but it is also not complicated with the right help. Assistance is available, seek that help and you will see the difference.  Having our own house is our triumph, and our next goal is now the continuance of our academic careers.